Saturday, October 12, 2013


I am working on a game concept, with simple mechanics (because of over-low programming/ cleverness skills yep!) and thus mostly focused on characters, foolish or odd situations, with short narrative sequences. I am still thinking on it but it should be a sort of mix between animated sequences and a simple reflection/calculation game.

About gameplay, I`ll not go into details because I can`t explain it in english in an understandable way, therefore, its like some QTE during a sequence, using inputs and tools to calculate and modify a value, in purpose of achieving an objective amount.
Reaching that goal number result on resuming the animated sequence, and go again with other calculation gameplay etc, until you end that short characters performance.

I know calculation is not the most innovative, imaginative and awesome gameplay, though I assume it`s an easy way to bring challenge and ask players for creativity to solve things out and rack their brains.

Here are the first few pictures showing up design and ideas.

 This last picture is expected to represent a first idea of UI/sequence progression. But...lot of imagination is required to figure something out...

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