Thursday, December 12, 2013

Since the game is progressing well, I should be able to share more stuffs on the way . I don't have a lot to share about making and technical commentary because of my modest knowledges, thus its almost talking about the game content, design, pictures and news.

About the game :

- It's composed of short animated sequences and two main gameplay (QTE and reflexion) with a few variations along the way.
- The game story is simple (simple-minded ?) where you follow the adventure of a strange child and her guardian.
- Chinese language, but English text, English and French subtitles
- It should be available for IOS and Android platform, may be PC/Mac,  in 2014.

For today I show you one page of a kind of "storyboard" I tried to made as a support document. It's a few hours of drawing and painting for just one page, I don't need a super continuity or perfect narration, so I will probably give up with this support and just keep my sequences in mind.

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